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Stuart Hardy

Former Director of Executive Education at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Stuart describes himself as a ‘Human Engineer’ and Independent Creative Transformation specialist with over 35 years business, organisational and people development experience in Fortune 500 companies worldwide. His primary focus is to ensure that the latest thinking and innovations from high-performance business are integrated into New Cannibals orchestration concepts, plattforms and environments. Stuart has a vast client background, generating unique perspectives on the challenges faced by today’s business leaders.

Chatbot Interview

  • your morning medium:

    Trying to avoid the routine of a ‘Morning Medium and the ‘Tyranny of the Normal’ it creates – habits stifle creativity and provocation. Get up and do something different…its unnerving and exciting.

  • which MarTech was/is groundbreaking for you?:

    The fact that technology is shifting the Marketing Model from Pipeline support to Insight Generation – a dramatic shift to ‘outside in thinking’ is not only groundbreaking for leaders – it is daunting for many.

  • your biggest PAIN pitch and what you learned from it?

    Every Pitch is a pain pitch – don’t do it, co-create value,….otherwise you are already in vendor mode.

  • what would you like to automate and what would you never automate?

    Funerals….Having Children

  • do you prefer group or family business?

    ‘Prefer’ is a ‘Suitcase Word’ that needs unpacking…some group aspects benefit some contexts and visa versa…however Family business normally has more emotion invested in value for both clients and employees

  • which event is more important for your company: company party or future workshop?

    Why not combine the two – I have a colleague who has created a party innovation island off Croatia, where people go to think, have fun and collaborate in the sun… let’s not separate the two.

  • how do you make room for the further development of your corporate strategy in your daily operations?

    Make every business decision from the balcony -not the dancefloor, then development of the business is embedded in everything you do instead of responding from the treadmill of every day tactical pressures.

  • your dinner tip in Berlin?

    for the best Kebabs in town follow the Turkish and Iranian Taxi drivers at lunch time – they have their own cafes… half the price – twice the taste. Think global… act local!

  • at the top of your dream travel bucket list is …

    The Lofoten Islands to ice climb under the Northern Lights.

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